Monday, 9 November 2009

Target Audience Research

To create a successful website, I must first identify and isolate my specific target audience. By doing this, I will obtain relevant information which will allow me to construct my website upon the needs and interests of my target audience.

The method I used to research my target audience was an online health survey. '' is a website which allows members to create their very own personalised survey free of charge! I also managed to collate the results retrieved from my survey into a variety of charts which are shown below.

The feedback I received from my online survey gave me a detailed insight into the views and opinions people have about health related issues. For example, question 3 asked the audience whether or not they felt that the media had influenced their health in anyway. The response was a resounding 'yes', as 100% of the people who answered the question agreed that the media HAD influenced their health in some way.

However, the simple but limited answer of 'yes' is very general and broad. So I decided to include an 'Explain your answer' option at the end of most questions. This not only allowed the person to explain his/her answer, but encouraged him/her to expand on their views.

Referring to the results I gathered from my online health survey, I can conclude the specific demographic of my future website's target audience.

My Target Audience's Demographics:

Male or Female although the design of the website is quite masculine because of the colour scheme and the representation of the audience through the various images.

Age category between 13 - 19. These are the people who the government are currently targeting for for healthier lifestyles.

Any ethnic background although I do recognise that I have represented only young white males within my website.

Annual income: You must have a percentage of disposable income available.

Social class: My product applies to social classes A, B, C1, C2 or D.

Education: Specific educational standards aren't required.

Location: My target audience must have access to the Internet in order to fully utilise my media product.

My Target Audience's Psychographics:

Modern day audiences can be very complex. So, there is another method that can be used to analyse any target audience in greater detail. This particular method is called the VALS system. The VALS system considers an audience's VALUES, ATTITUDES and LIFESTYLES.

The following VALS are relevant to my target audience:

ACTUALISERS: Successful, wealthy, dynamic people for whom image is very important as a self expression of individuality.
MAINSTREAMERS: People who want to fit in with the crowd both physically and emotionally.
ASPIRERS: People who strive for an all-round bigger and better lifestyle.

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